Calculus Tutoring

Most people watch TV or crack open a book to have fun…and while I enjoy those too, nothing is quite as fun for me as good ol’ Calculus and solving math problems. 

I bring my enthusiasm and love of math into my sessions as I help failing students pass their classes and help students transform their Cs into As.

Calculus is HARD. Or so we’ve been told.  The beauty of one-on-one sessions with me is that I am able to take this mountain of a challenging class and turn it into manageable, easy-to-understand chunks that you can and will master with practice.  

Many courses move so quickly that students have trouble keeping up. During one-on-one calculus sessions we can slow down and hone in on specifically what skills and topics you need.

Krystyna introduced me to new ways of learning that improved my AP Calculus grade. I was nervous that I might feel judged for not knowing some things I felt I should’ve known. However, Krystyna was very understanding and taught me that it’s okay to not understand something as long as you ask for help.

– Jasmine


Rates vary between $150-200 an hour, depending upon the number of hours. Associate tutors start at $115/hr and up.


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