the impact has been tremendous

Krystyna has been a wonderful tutor for our (now) sixteen year old daughter for the past two years. The impact has been tremendous. When Krystyna first came to our house, our daughter was in 9th grade and just beginning high school. She was struggling to believe that she could do high school work, and felt that her middle school had not prepared her to learn on the high school level. She felt like she didn’t know how to take notes, didn’t know what to focus on when reading textbooks, and was frustrated and lacked confidence. After working with Krystyna we have seen a complete transformation in our daughter that has gone beyond her school work. She is doing significantly better as a student and this is translating into her personal life was well. We attribute much of this change to the hours spent with Krystyna. This one-on-one, distraction-free environment, in which our daughter is able to ask as many questions as needed has made all the difference. Today our daughter is getting ready for the SAT/ACT which she will prepare for with Krystyna’s help. Our daughter is excited about applying for colleges and her future. Thank you Krystyna for making such a huge difference in our daughter’s life.
Russell E

upbeat, patient and innovative

Krystyna tutored my 10 yr old for 2 months in prepping for the ISEE placement test and I was shocked to see how my daughter looked forward to their sessions!! She’s very upbeat, patient and innovative in her approach. I would go to Krystyna for whatever tutoring my girls might need in the future.
Angela H

taught me to crave knowledge and be excited to learn

Krystyna has been one of the most important and influential woman present in my lifetime. Not only has she guided me in my education, but she has also inspired me to blossom into the studious, determined, joyful young girl I am today. After months of struggling with my studies and learning patterns, as well as the large classroom setting I found myself drowning in, my parents decided to set me up with a tutor, and I was beyond excited. From the moment I saw Krystyna, I knew, from her bright smile and warm presence, that I would finally begin to succeed in both my school life and personal life. She has helped me with math, chemistry, biology, English, and history, as well as ACT/SAT prep. Since I began to work with her, I have found myself excelling in each course and progressing in my determination for knowledge. She has helped me learn organization skills, note taking skills, and tactics for improving my self-confidence. Not only is she my tutor, but she is a friend, I confide in her. She is exceptionally generous, warmhearted, affectionate, devoted, and reputable. Krystyna has taught me to crave knowledge and be excited to learn, rather than fear learning, as I previously had. Her presence in my life has been one of the most impactful factors on my life and I could not be more thankful for the amazing woman I am able to call my tutor, my friend, and in some cases, my sister.
Cameron E

really helped me learn how to write better

Tristan was especially helpful when helping me because he never just flat-out rewrote my work, but he helped me find the best options on my own time with small hints that really helped me learn how to write better.
Sydney Herndon

above and beyond

Tristan is not only patient and focused when helping edit and review my work, but he always goes above and beyond with investing himself in whatever I need help with.
Sheridan McKnight


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