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Krystyna’s Two Cents

“Tristan is my go to guy for essay and writing support of all ages.  From helping the young ones with their first essays to college level  nine-page papers, he knows his stuff and can help elevate writing to the next level.  What he doesn’t mention in his bio is that prior to discovering his love of writing, he was my math and science nut! Tristan was a student of mine excelling in top-level math and science classes.  Now he is an excellent math tutor himself:  clear, kind, patient, with fantastic insights, tricks and tips to help students master their math work.” – Krystyna

About Me

I am a published writer with features in works such as UCSB’s contemporary literature magazine, The Catalyst, where I was selected out of over one hundred different works to have my piece displayed in the UCSB library, and I have also worked as an editing and writing intern since the beginning of 2023 for Incoming and Outgoing magazine.  I’m finishing up a double major in English and Film at UCSB, and will then pursue screenwriting, copywriting, or magazine/professional editing.  

I scored a 1480 on my SAT, a 5 on my AP Lang test, and a 5 on my AP Lit test.  I love helping other students raise their scores on these tests too!

My Teaching Experience

I have always had a passion for school, and I’ve known what it is like to excel in one subject but struggle with another topic simultaneously. I know how effective a great teacher or tutor can be and how much help has gotten me to where I am today, and I love to give back to people who need a little extra help, just as I once did!

My favorite subjects to teach are English, writing, SAT prep, AP Lit, AP Lang, and all levels math up through Pre-Calculus.

My Teaching Style

When it comes to editing and writing, I guide my students to create their own understanding of a concept, bolstering their academic development and future skills. For math support, I make sure I am fully prepared to guide my students through lessons, strategies, and practice until they feel confident in the material.

above and beyond

Tristan is not only patient and focused when helping edit and review my work, but he always goes above and beyond with investing himself in whatever I need help with.
Sheridan McKnight

really helped me learn how to write better

Tristan was especially helpful when helping me because he never just flat-out rewrote my work, but he helped me find the best options on my own time with small hints that really helped me learn how to write better.
Sydney Herndon


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