AP Class Tutoring

Advanced Placement classes are often important to college admissions, and of course it helps when you score well on the official exams!  Better yet, most colleges will give you college credits if you score well.  That’s one less class for you to have to take in college.  

At Avery Prep, we value expertise and experience.  It is important that your tutor knows the subject backwards and forwards, and also has experience with that subject’s AP exam, including tips and tricks to maximize your score. 

I’ve worked hard to build a team of expert tutors to help no matter which AP class you are tackling this year.  Whether you are an already strong student striving for a 5, or a struggling student hoping to bring up your class grade — we’ve got you covered.

We’ve Got You Covered!

Whether it’s History, English, Calculus, Stats, Bio, Chem, Environmental Studies, Physics, or Computer Science, we have you covered.  Our tutors are available to help with regular appointments to keep you on track and scoring well, or for “as needed” appointments when you encounter topics or units that aren’t gelling as well as others.

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

We’ve had success with Zoom sessions.  In fact, we were on the Zoom bandwagon before the pandemic even hit.  We have the technology to make Zoom sessions seamless, and still get you the support you need.  In fact, many of our students even prefer Zoom!  

And if you really think you need in-person support?  Don’t hesitate to ask.  Most tutoring does seem to be online, so if a student does prefer in person, there are steps we can take to mitigate risk.


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