How to Choose a Tutor

Sure, sure.  I’m a tutor, running a tutoring company.  So I’m tempted to just write…choose me, choose me!  But the truth is, you might be investing time and money into a tutor, so it’s important you pick the best one. 

1. Get referrals.

Ask your friend group.  Do they already have a tutor they love? In lieu of referrals, read testimonials.  And even with a referral, the tutor that worked beautifully for your friend might not be the best fit for your family. 

2. Get clear on what you want.

Reflect on your goals.  What is it exactly you want from tutoring?  Clarity here will help when it comes to choosing the best person for you.  Each tutor will have his or her own specialties and teaching flavor.  

3. Interview, interview, interview.

Before booking, get the prospective tutor on the phone or even better, on a Zoom call.  Find out their exact experience in the subject area and learn more about how they work and what to expect.  

4. Be upfront about your budget. 

If you are on a tight budget, be upfront about it.  At least for me, it is my pleasure to work with families’ budgets.  I’m a Dave Ramsey girl myself. If I know ahead of time what your limits are, I can craft a plan to best serve your goals and your wallet.  Don’t automatically assume a tutor is out of your price-range.  It is sometimes possible for me to give you or your child the support needed, without the hefty price tag than can be associated with tutoring.  


Just ask!  It is my privilege to serve.  I’m always happy to answer questions or hop on call. 

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