Music and Dance Tutoring

Fun Fact #1:  I played the violin seriously from the age of 10 to 18, often practicing three hours a day!  Wowza!  While I no longer play at that competitive “hardcore” level, it has not changed my love of music, and I am honored that throughout my years as an adult I have been asked to teach violin to beginner and intermediate students in the Los Angeles area.  Please inquire if you think you or your kiddo might love some violin lessons.  It is not the easiest instrument, but it just might be the prettiest! 

Fun Fact #2:  I trained Cecchetti classical ballet from age 3 to 18, and then continued my dance training in college and beyond. I am forever grateful that my mother chose to drive me to ballet several days a week for years.  Cecchetti classical ballet provided me with a discipline and  grace that continue to serve me well as a fully functioning adult.  I was approached to teach Cecchetti classical ballet to elementary students who wanted one-on-one or small group support to continue their dance training, and I have had such fun doing it!

I am a nut for learning!

I really am a nut for learning.  I just love it so much.  As young as Kindergarten I was reading at a second grade level, dancing ballet, taking gymnastics, piano, Girl Scouts, and ice skating.  Maybe I was crazy, or maybe I just love love love love learning.  Soaking up experiences and knowledge gives me tremendous joy.  I hope to transmit that joy to my students.  And why not be a self-proclaimed math geek that also loves music and dance? 🙂


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