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Families’ needs are individual.  Some book a regular time each week, or regular time several days per week.  Other families buy a package of hours, and then schedule as their children encounter topics that could use some extra finesse. 

If you think you’ll need a lot of regular support, I am happy to work out a rate that feels appropriate.

But what if I only want Krystyna?

Part of why AveryPrep exists is because I started to get more requests for tutoring than I could possibly fulfill.  With “SERVICE” as my mantra, I still wanted to serve these families that wouldn’t fit into my schedule.  Fortunately, through my years tutoring, I have met other like-minded excellent tutors, and I realized certain tutors might be a great fit for some of these families.  

I take what I do very seriously.  If I am your child’s tutor, you can bet that I will be prepared, I will know my stuff, and I will be focused on helping your child to the best of my ability.  And if I can’t be your child’s tutor personally, you can bet that I have fully vetted your child’s tutor, or even trained him or her myself!


Ready ?


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